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March 2009
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Visual Analogy/Metaphor/Simile

Speaking in images works for me and most likely why I am a photographer.  It is always gratifying when the “a’ha” goes off.  The a’ha is something you must experience, for I cannot express it well in words.  It is more a gut feeling. This photograph is one that was a delayed “a’ha” for me.  […]

Marketing in a Recession – According to Harvard Business

I receive an email newsletter called “HBS Working Knowledge” which I find a very interesting read. I highly recommend it if you like this kind of information. This particular article was to me insightful, “Marketing Your Way Through a Recession”. It points out some of the obvious, but some of the not so obvious.  Worth […]

Critters – They all Escaped

This is a funny story I wrote about an advertising shoot in the studio that involved bugs, I think they were cotton weevils. I wrote this for the Advertising Photographers of America, APA newsletter, insideAPA.  Check out some of the other stories there too.  insideShoot Read here.  Escaped! Martin Possibly Related Posts: Davies’ Intellectual […]

Green Geothermal Power Plant

A trip to the Salton Sea area we came upon several Geothermal Power Plants.  These are at the south end of the Sea.  We traveled from the west up and around from the north to the south on the eastern edge.  Even from the extreme north shore, you could see the steam from these cooling […]

Desert Trip – March

March 7/8, 2009 A buddy of mine, Mark Harmel, good fellow and terrific photographer and I traveled out to the desert this past weekend.  We went looking for photo opportunities including the desert flower bloom. With so many photo opportunities, I will split the stories up into various pieces as I have time to post […]

Recession Muse

The economy has been on most everyone’s mind and if not, well they apparently choosing not to participate. As much as I choose not to participate, I cannot control everything going on around myself or my business.  The photography business is based on growth of the marketplace.  The marketing is growing just not as fast […]