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June 2023
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Airstream, Metaphor

On the mend being sick since last week, but not out of the woods just yet and it is my day. to post an image. Seems we are trending greenish energy and thought of this in my library.  With my last name, it is fun to run across such metaphors and then to be able […]

The Beginning of the Daily Photo Game

The Daily Photo Game works the same way, except instead of whispered words, it is visual with photographs. My first image for official game was just posted May 4, 2013. The game will continue for one year. You can follow along by subscribing when you visit the web site, It should be an interesting journey.

Found Object; Alien Growth

Did it drop out of the sky when a meteor or comet flew by and then not burn up while entering the atmosphere.

Monterrey Trailer Park, Slice of Life

Ed, livin’ the life at the Monterrey Trailer Park, Highland Park, California.

Emotional Baggage

Art can be so healing when stressed out

Trailer Deaths

There are vintage trailers all around the Salton Sea area, some are still in use and others are wasting away, slowly in the hot dry desert.

Bisbee and the Shady Dell Trailer Park

Great vintage trailer destination, Bisbee, Arizona.

Visual Analogy/Metaphor/Simile

Speaking in images works for me and most likely why I am a photographer.  It is always gratifying when the “a’ha” goes off.  The a’ha is something you must experience, for I cannot express it well in words.  It is more a gut feeling. This photograph is one that was a delayed “a’ha” for me.  […]

Green Geothermal Power Plant

A trip to the Salton Sea area we came upon several Geothermal Power Plants.  These are at the south end of the Sea.  We traveled from the west up and around from the north to the south on the eastern edge.  Even from the extreme north shore, you could see the steam from these cooling […]

Desert Trip – March

March 7/8, 2009 A buddy of mine, Mark Harmel, good fellow and terrific photographer and I traveled out to the desert this past weekend.  We went looking for photo opportunities including the desert flower bloom. With so many photo opportunities, I will split the stories up into various pieces as I have time to post […]