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Patterns and Texture

I pulled this one from the files for this contribution to the Daily Photo Game.  See the whole body and progression at I have always been attracted to patterns and textures, whether natural or made. Bob’s shot that included “wisdom teeth” with quite a story, I was most drawn to the pattern of what […]

Martin’s Blues

Catching up with my postings at the Daily Photo Game.  Have a look to see the whole collection at   I was thinking as my turn approached  I would shake it up a little.  I was thinking of doing “opposites” and I did make some images that included orange, bird food and dry feeling […]

Hold It!

I posted this for the Daily Photo Game on August 2, 2013.  To see the whole body of work, go to So I am watching the trend and see patience, waiting, compression, color and so on. I decide to go exploring downtown looking for patience, waiting, thinking people, traffic lights symbolic things.  I walked […]

Thirteen Stars

This is my contribution for the Daily Photo Game, July 23, 2013. Based on the previous image, I see; – Orb – Orange Orb – Earth, tiny – Satillites – Universe – Stars – Sky Check!   Possibly Related Posts: Red Baron Davies’ Intellectual Arithmetic Airstream, Metaphor Patterns and Texture Martin’s Blues

Alien Egg

My July 13, 2103 contribution to the Daily Photo Game.  Check out the whole body of work at I  watched an interview the other day and it talked about process and how some people, good smart people get too wrapped up in their process. So this time, I decided to alter my process.  I […]

Dead End

My contribution for July 3, 2103 to the Daily Photo Game. Looking at Bob’s window without a view, I began my process, making a list of words that I perceived from the shot.  Texture, wall, window, 100, monochromatic and several more. While writing, I was reminded of an adventure out to the Salton Sea that […]

Watery Response

My response for June 23, 2014.  Check the whole body of work at Daily Photo Game. Following Bob Stevens’ shot yesterday of the moving water, sand. foam with the different shades of blue and green made me think -painterly, foam, suds, wave, motion, mystery, unknown, colors of blue and green, water. Using my descriptive words of […]