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How can you appeal or please everyone, you cannot.

Couple of comments today were frustrating since in my mind, they conflict and proves you can’t please ‘em all.

Two different marketing managers commented as follows;

a) “My designer had a look at your web site and said you were too expensive.”

b) “Who did your web site?  It is so cool.  Can’t wait to work together.”

Same web site.

They are in very different industries, one selling to the consumer and the other to their trade, but both have to appeal to sophisticated buyers.

Can’t please all of the people all of the time, that is for sure.


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Comment from zuuumie
Time July 15, 2010 at 8:10 pm

Reminds me of Marketing Managers & Directors for McD’s, Meinke, and others rejecting me as an Ad Dir. for 2 Opp Mags.
After repeated contact, despite what each said, as long as they were talking to me, I was on to something no matter what each said again and again. Some were proven wrong by feature articles w/. Dept. codes to ID where calls to them by Propspective. Investors, proved them wrong as to my mags .not being targeted or positioned to reach and appeal to Prospective Franchisees.
One look, one-two-three- or more snap judgements, takes, opinions, or perspective by anyone means the same on any other day, or month. In fact, I think much of it has to do with timing and how it might ppeal or fit at some point in time for them. Too expensive only means “because I don’t know how well any concepti you’ve created or used..would work for us or a client.
The only thing that would frustrate me, however barely, is not One-Time closing a minimum of 1 out of every three Ad Agencies, Franchisers, or Businesses.
Reputaions are built over time, not made accurately by the minds, perspectives, heresay, or opinion of others with too little .input or experience in the 1st place that only risks an opportunity “delayed.” to profit from.

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