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October 2009
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Found Object; Alien Growth

Cleaning out some things out back, not in my ’61 Shasta (trailer) which would not have surprised me, I ran across this alien looking growth.  Wanting to combine some new and old technology in the studio, I shot these with a digital SLR camera on a 4×5 view camera, with all the swings and tilts available.

Now not being a gardener of significance, but having raised my share of vegetables and tomatoes every year and cared for basic shrubbery and lawns comparatively my find was definitely alien.

I decided to explore it with a camera and am sharing those discoveries along with a bit of prose.

First is a close-up of the covering;

Leathery base

Leathery base

This looks more like crumpled seamless background paper, but does have umber tones of earthy dirt, but not the really good black stuff.

Second shot is of the growth itself emanating from the leathery surface;

Alien growth

Alien growth

This is close-up, but still looks so odd, nothing like what I am familiar with.  Using your imagination, you can see little critters and faces hiding in and among the growth.  Like camilians with their ability to adapt to the surroundings via color and pattern changes.

Third shot is wide and much more revealing of the whole, but still very alien.

Growing potato, full view

Moon or Mars scape.  Did it drop out of the sky when a meteor or comet flew by and not completely burn up while entering the atmosphere…….

Nope, it is just an old shriveling potato in the dirt, or is that potatoe…


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Comment from zuuumie
Time July 15, 2010 at 7:44 pm

My 1st thought was alien as suggested by “Alien Growth”. only because I could not immediately ID it, although the growth seemed somewhat . vaguely familiar, & at the same time it could be representative of “Investments” in time or money patiently awaiting or anticipating growth benefits, gains and acheivements, .and 2ndly is this “and attempt @ the Terra-Forming of “Life” on . Mars or Mars-Like terrain.
There’s a broad. creative use for this. AYK. I like the idea of it many uses..

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