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February 2009
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E-Marketing Campaign

First, this entry is not specific to photography, but related.

I just started working on a new email campaign and while doing some research, I checked one of my own links and there was a great article regarding the very same, email campaigns. Seth Grodin’s Blog

I have used list services in the past for both USPS direct mail promotions and the same list services for email promotions.  Obviously, the email campaign is less expensive per unit especially with the rising cost of postage, plus printing for direct mail promotions.  One big difference with the two, besides the cost is the response to the promotion.

With a USPS mailed campaign the “good” response is 3% (I have found that to be low) and then typically the phone rings and you know that you have been noticed.  With the email campaign you get much more immediate response and somewhat a false sense of notice.  The email services can tell you who opened your email and what if any links they clicked through too.  Some even tell how long they have “looked” at the email.  The real response is an increase of phone calls and sales.

The reason I even mention the blog post at Seth Grodin is that the motivation of the “easy” promotion can, as he describes backfire on you the more you use the “easy” solution.

The list services I have used gather names who knows how, phone calls, but I have personally seen hundreds of email bounces from “good” lists, especially when images or other promotional type things are included in the email promotion.  I would assume there are so many, that mail servers are programmed to intercept as much as possible so that employees get something done, other than read email promos.  With mailed promotions, you never really know if those you sent too are the right people unless of course you follow-up with a call or better yet, they call you.

I know that I get hundreds of emails per day, some caught in the filters.  For those that get tens or even hundreds that are relevant to there jobs, I promise to make mine at least interesting.


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