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Tag: Martin Trailer

Airstream, Metaphor

On the mend being sick since last week, but not out of the woods just yet and it is my day. to post an image. Seems we are trending greenish energy and thought of this in my library.  With my last name, it is fun to run across such metaphors and then to be able […]

Red Smile

Playing the Daily Photo Game this was my June 13, 2014 contribution. Check out the link to see whole collection. Following Bob Stevens who always makes the game a fun challenge providing so much to play with. I was considering marbles, multiples of two, faces, people and the front end of cars.  I have always thought […]

Authentic Portraits – Las Vegas, NM

Whether it was the fashion, architecture, decor or people just being people in their enviroment, these street photographers were the recorders of our past, our history of the day.

Authentic Portraits – Peter

The goal of this “Authentic Portrait” is to portray a research scientist researching the SARS virus, with something tangible. Building a model representative of a polymorphic virus that causes the severe acute respiratpory syndrome (SARS), the virus was a challenge since the virus is much to small to actually see without an electron microscope.

Authentic Portraits – Martin

Our conclusion is fairly straight forward, the rods and cones in the back of the eye, in a clean representation using the sculptural piece of treatment target as a background.

Authentic Portraits – David, Stefan, Geoffrey

BackScatter Authors and discoverers of Code Red.

Authentic Portraits – Irwin

Here is a well liked CEO, Dr. Irwin Jacobs co-founder of Qualcomm using and focused on the new, at the time, “Q phone” and myself.

Authentic Portraits – Ed

This Authentic Portrait of Ed Lum was part of my personal work seeking out of vintage trailers. Ed lives in a trailer park in Monterey Park, right next to Pasadena, California.

Authentic Portraits – Red

Your pre-visualization needs to happen well in advance of the shoot time, not when your subject is there in front of the camera. Shoot time is when the photographer makes them comfortable to insure a authentic look and feel.

Authentic Portraits – Linda

hosting a grief support group for mothers who are dealing with the death of a child.