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The Beginning of the Daily Photo Game

I am a participant of a new photography game.  It is based on the old game many of us played as kids, the game of Telephone.  Someone starts by whispering in the next person’s ear and so on.  Once the whisper gets to the end of the line, the last person says the phase they heard to the group.  It is about a single perception from one person to the next.

The Daily Photo Game works the same way, except instead of whispered words, it is visual with photographs.  My first image for official game was just posted May 4, 2013. The game will continue for one year.  You can follow along by subscribing when you visit the web site, It should be an interesting journey.

The other nine photographers are in the order of our turn posting;
Eliot Crowley, Blue Fier, Bob Stevens, Martin Trailer, Charley Akers, Jay Ahrend, Robert Nease, Russ Widstrand, Joseph Pobereskin, David Blattel

Below, I have added two images I shot the day I was to post.  Serendipity or fate, I was to follow Bob Steven’s image of a bumper sticker that said, “Gas, Grass or Ass, No one rides for free”.

Did I pick right?  Comments are appreciated.

No Free Rides 2, Not-Posted May 4, 2013, ©2013 Martin Trailer


No Free Rides, Posted May 4, 2013, ©2013 Martin Trailer

The second image here has a story.  I went out the day I was to post about 10am to just walk down the street to find my reaction to Bob Steven’s image of a bumper sticker, “Gas, Grass or Ass, No One Rides for Free”.  As I got a couple of blocks from home, I noticed many police cars across from the bank at a 7/11 store.  I looked around and there was not that much commotion, so I just kept walking several blocks.  Got to the ocean shooting along the way and headed back. Once I arrived back to the bank, some TV media people were there and so I investigated more.  I observed a couple of young women going to the bank door and then turned around and left.  I went up to the doors and started shooting once I saw the signs on the door window and the police officer inside immediately began to remove the notices.  Apparently, the robbery had just taken place, just minutes before when I walked by the first time.  The robbery per what I was told had taken a Yellow Prius Cab to the 7/11 across from the bank, walked over, robbed them, then went back to the waiting cab.  Well, the security guard at the 7/11 was watching, probably because the robber did not go into the store, and stopped him from leaving and called the police.  Robber just made it across the street with the dough.  No free ride for his weekend.

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