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Authentic Portraits – Irene (sort of)

Irene, Postal Worker, ©MartinTrailer

This “Authentic, to the creative brief, Portrait” was created for one of the smaller competitors of the Postal Service and widely used in several ways, ads, posters, mailers, etc..  The idea was to contrast the postal employees to the a private mail service in a humorous way garnering a second look. The agency of record ended up with the biggest private mail service, even though this was a controversial image.  Some felt it was insulting to the Post Office and workers, one of the clients biggest suppliers.  My studio mail carrier even commented as such, but once I explained it was all in fun, she thought it was a hoot and decided to embrace it, telling me that she knew folks like this at the post office.

I choose to post this because the substitute mailman said he had seen this everywhere.  (BTW, if you do, let me know, please) It happens to be be in the lobby of my studio when you first walk-in.

This is a derivative from the original theme, “Authentic Portraits”.  Previously, I have posted portraits of people authentically portrayed, thus “Authentic Portraits”.  However, this time authentic is true to the creative brief and not specific to the person. (although some would argue in the advertising business, as a advertising agency print buyer, Irene Hook was pretty tough)

An apropos quote passed on to me; “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditation

Believable, comfortable and authentic.

Martin Trailer, is a commercial/advertising photographer based in Southern California, working for clients worldwide.  A working photographer for over 30 years, Martin has regularly provided thoughtfully produced photographs adding value for clients.  Starting out in the newspaper business, covering general news, events, sports of all types, often on tight deadlines and honed the skill set of pushing to end up with the nearly intangible authentic final image.  Over the years as a photographer, working in advertising, corporate, multimedia and editorial fields, consisting of autos, food, tabletop, fashion, architecture and destinations, all culminating on a focus of people and the authenticity of the person(s). Personal projects include most anything vintage themed and especially vintage trailers and there owners.  Authenticity creates added value for the client, person, product or service.  All images are registered with the US Copyright office.  See more of Martin’s work at


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