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Authentic Portraits – Las Vegas, NM

Local teen in the town square, Las Vegas, NM

I am including something unexpected, but related into the mix of Authentic Portraits, street portrait photography. The origins of street photography began over century ago, so this is nothing breakthough, just up to date and current.  Photographers like Atget, Steichen, Struss, Kertesz, Evans and so many others ( see more ) captured on film what or better how, we visually record and remember the past. Whether it was the fashion, architecture, decor or people just being people in their enviroment, these street photographers were the recorders of our past, our history of the day.

Walking around photographing unfamiliar places, stretches one abilities to “see” interesting places, people and situations, it forces you out of your comfort zone.  When walking around the familiar, so much can be taken for granted and not “seen” or noticed as easily.

Fella's hangin on the front porch, Las Vegas, NM

These are just a couple of examples catching authentic people walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood, seeking and looking. By exercising those innate senses we all have , and as a photographer, sharpening that skill of recognizing ” the shot” that makes a photograph have that extra spark of life and value.  It will just hit you and you’ll just know you have a great shot.  The more you exercise that skill, the faster you’ll recognize it in the view finder the next time.  Personal work is a photographers continuing education.  Stuff you can’t learn reading a book, looking at what others have done or listening to a lecture.  Ya gotta’ feel it, to know it.

Las Vegas, New Mexico is a quaint americana style town with the central square block of the downtown, a park where folks stroll, gather or just hang out.  It is just east of Santa Fe, NM off the I-85.

People totally unrehearsed, no casting, no propping, no clients, just people in their element, being absolutely authentic. Capturing authentic is a skill learned by doing, convincing the viewer, real, adding to the value .

Real, relaxed and Authentic.

Martin Trailer, is a commercial/advertising photographer based in Southern California, working for clients worldwide.  A working photographer for over 30 years, Martin has regularly provided thoughtfully produced photographs adding value for clients.  Starting out in the newspaper business, covering general news, events, sports of all types, often on tight deadlines and honed the skill set of pushing to end up with the nearly intangible authentic final image.  Over the years as a photographer, working in advertising, corporate, multimedia and editorial fields, consisting of autos, food, tabletop, fashion, architecture and destinations, all culminating on a focus of people and the authenticity of the person(s). Personal projects include most anything vintage themed and especially vintage trailers and there owners.  Authenticity creates added value for the client, person, product or service.  All images are registered with the US Copyright office.  See more of Martin’s work at

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