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Trailers – Multi Sized

the little white mop apparently waiting for Fido or was the bone for the white mop.


April 1, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EASTMAN KODAK OFFERS TO BUY GETTY ARCHIVES Rochester, NY – Eastman Kodak announced today that they have tendered an offer to purchase the film archive from Getty Images. “Our intent is to recycle the residual silver contained within the film” according to Victoria Paula Smithe, Vice President of Sales. […]

Marketing in a Recession – According to Harvard Business

I receive an email newsletter called “HBS Working Knowledge” which I find a very interesting read. I highly recommend it if you like this kind of information. This particular article was to me insightful, “Marketing Your Way Through a Recession”. It points out some of the obvious, but some of the not so obvious.  Worth […]

Critters – They all Escaped

This is a funny story I wrote about an advertising shoot in the studio that involved bugs, I think they were cotton weevils. I wrote this for the Advertising Photographers of America, APA newsletter, insideAPA.  Check out some of the other stories there too.  insideShoot Read here.  Escaped! Martin Possibly Related Posts: Davies’ Intellectual […]

Recession Muse

The economy has been on most everyone’s mind and if not, well they apparently choosing not to participate. As much as I choose not to participate, I cannot control everything going on around myself or my business.  The photography business is based on growth of the marketplace.  The marketing is growing just not as fast […]

Rocket Rider

I wrote about some of the motorcycles I have been photographing in the studio a couple of weeks ago.  This week it was bikes and a rider.  Kane Friesen, who comes off a great guy and reasonably sane dude. He trick rides motorcycles at show and demonstrations.  Years past I did ride motorcycles, even the […]


In an earlier post I mentioned one of the great things about being a commercial photographer you are exposed to so many different people, products and industries. This week I was photographing executives versus motorcycles in the studio last week.  The executives work in the insurance industry dealing mostly with business insurance products. When I […]

Two Wheel Rockets

One of the great things about being a photographer is that you get exposed to so many different things.  Professions, services and products.  We just shot some motorcycles in studio this past week and these things are amazing compared to bikes just a few years ago. They are technologically advanced squeezing every ounce of horsepower […]

E-Marketing Campaign

First, this entry is not specific to photography, but related. I just started working on a new email campaign and while doing some research, I checked one of my own links and there was a great article regarding the very same, email campaigns. Seth Grodin’s Blog I have used list services in the past for […]

Nosing around for fun!

Only a couple of days are left in the month of January of 2009, and I was thinking about marketing and promotional ideas for the new year.  I considered some Happy New Year print or email campaign, but it just did not gel for me with some thing trailerish and decided to just stew a […]