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January 2009
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Nosing around for fun!

Only a couple of days are left in the month of January of 2009, and I was thinking about marketing and promotional ideas for the new year.  I considered some Happy New Year print or email campaign, but it just did not gel for me with some thing trailerish and decided to just stew a little more.

© Martin Trailer

© Martin Trailer

I decided to nose around people I have worked with and find out what they are seeking and not finding.  While that might seem to be obvious, it not always top of mind when your thinking about how to promote yourself.

This blogging business is new to me and what to write about.  It needs to be something interesting enough for others, but also needs to be relevant to myself since I am writing.  I have journaled off and on for several years which I can see some similarities with blogging.  However, the journaling is more personal than most would want to read and boring too.

So here I write, blogging and I am just going to have some fun, playing with words and images.

With the economy in its current iteration, keeping serious but light enough to laugh a little.  What comes to mind is “Happy Camper” which I just happen to have a image that reflects that term.

© 2007 Martin Trailer

© 2007 Martin Trailer

Amy Heath, depicted here is “normally” a hair dresser and a great sport too!  When I asked her to have some fun with a bottle of wine with a name of “Happy Camper” and a little trailer on the label she was game.  As you can see, Amy took off.  I think she is a closeted actor, really.  She had a blast as did I, there was no holding back her once on a roll…..   Typically, subjects are less willing to just let go getting into a character that them have in their own mind, but having a camera capturing that is quite another story for most folks.

Photographing corporate executives whether CEO to Senior VPs to middle managers it is the job of the photographer to coax out the personality of the subject.  Paid talent in most cases is much more relaxed and coaching is more like, here is the personality I am looking for and they might offer some feedback and much more productive images are created.  Real people like corporate execs or just plain folks, takes much more since they normally do not act out let alone in front of a camera or audience.  There is a reason actors get paid well and I believe we all have it in us, we just are not able to get passed the “what if someone sees me like that” mind set.

So back to the nosing around and what I found out so far……  well the answer is not much yet.  Mostly what is going on is new business pitches.  Those that are or say they are busy are doing projects outside of not only the area, but the country.

Martin Trailer

PS— Busted, I used this same images earlier, but I find it a image that I come back too……

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