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Red Baron

Following Bob’s “Harley Skull”  my first thought was a shot I did a few years back.  This is the man with the most non-compliance “Helmet Tickets” in the United States of America.

He goes by the name, Red Baron.  He is an investigator for a law firm that defends people for “Helmet Tickets”.

Red is wearing a suit made of “Helmet Tickets” pink for the California Highway Patrol and yellow for San Diego Police Department.

Note the headlight, it is the death mask, the Harley Skull, the first of many modifications. He is propped up against a brand new Harley that replaced his recently stolen bike.  He normally would have had to wait months to get this bike, but things occurred that speeded that process up.  The process of replacing virtually every stock piece on the bike has begun and will take quite some time to make it his own.

Colorful guy and knows all the women that dance for a living in San Diego.

Great guy and we had a memorable night out after we made this shot!

To see the whole collection of images, posted everyday, go to the

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Davies’ Intellectual Arithmetic

Originally posted September 11, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

Today, September 11, 2013 is special as a day of remembrance,. RIP those that died in the  World Trade towers, the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania. I decided to remember my Great Grandfather today with our current vintage flavored trend and day of remembrance.  Tactile, patina, vintage “been around” look and feel.  Bob’s patina on the key and brass bowl started me off in this direction and it evolved. These items all belonged to my Great Grandfather, the arithmetic book was first published in 1854, revised in 1881 and my Great Grandfather started using on August 23, of 1883 in Newton, Iowa.  His name was Charles (Charlie) Brown. The other items were his which show a small portion of his life. Simpler days.

The second photo here is the first exposure with a lens that was manufactured in 1897, but after inspection didn’t think it was up to snuff for today.  I was thinking that the only new thing would be the “digital” capture, but the old uncoated lens and digital don’t quite fit together. For those that notice, yes I did move the

September 11, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer, shot with a lens from 1897.

camera and change the light a little.  Not sure of the old lenses focal length, but the new one above is a 120mm on a view camera. Both have the front board swung forward slightly.

This was my contribution to the Daily Photo Game on September 11, 2013

To see the whole collection go the

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Airstream, Metaphor

Posted September 1, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

On the mend being sick since last week, but not out of the woods just yet and it is my day. to post an image.

Seems we are trending greenish energy and thought of this in my library.  With my last name, it is fun to run across such metaphors and then to be able to play it again is terrific.

So, green energy, wind power, moving clouds, sky, all above an Airstream, Trailer no less!

To see the preceding imaged, go to

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Patterns and Texture

August 22, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

I pulled this one from the files for this contribution to the Daily Photo Game.  See the whole body and progression at

I have always been attracted to patterns and textures, whether natural or made.

Bob’s shot that included “wisdom teeth” with quite a story, I was most drawn to the pattern of what they were sitting on.  The color,  repeating pattern and texture.

While thinking about how I would play to his image, I listed dental tools, artifacts, chattering teeth, ribbed pattern, a shot I had done years ago, a portrait of a young guy with really bad teeth and then I imagined this.

A paper “P”, texture, pattern and monochromatic.

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Martin’s Blues

August 12, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

Catching up with my postings at the Daily Photo Game.  Have a look to see the whole collection at


I was thinking as my turn approached  I would shake it up a little.  I was thinking of doing “opposites” and I did make some images that included orange, bird food and dry feeling subjects.

They were good, but one in particular would have made some people uneasy, so I was still thinking of new images.

I play racquetball nearly everyday, today is no exception.  Upon leaving, it occurred to me, “my” blues were the game ball and my blue car.  The racquet and tape guard just give it a little texture.

There is one other blue not shown, and that would be the black and blue bruise when that little blue ball contacts you at speed. None today!

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Hold It!

August 2, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

I posted this for the Daily Photo Game on August 2, 2013.  To see the whole body of work, go to

So I am watching the trend and see patience, waiting, compression, color and so on.

I decide to go exploring downtown looking for patience, waiting, thinking people, traffic lights symbolic things.  I walked for sometime, sometimes stopping in the middle of the street for a shot, couple of horns, screeching tires to show their impatience, missed that  one and ended up at the train station.  Lots of people waiting, right?

All those yellow lines and with a long lens sometimes you miss things, well, I was told in no uncertain terms, HOLD IT!.  I nearly walked into a “live area”.

Wha’la ! Apropos, done.


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Thirteen Stars

July 23, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

This is my contribution for the Daily Photo Game, July 23, 2013.

Based on the previous image, I see;
- Orb
- Orange Orb
- Earth, tiny
- Satillites
- Universe
- Stars
- Sky



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Alien Egg

July 13, 2013 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

My July 13, 2103 contribution to the Daily Photo Game.  Check out the whole body of work at

I  watched an interview the other day and it talked about process and how some people, good smart people get too wrapped up in their process.

So this time, I decided to alter my process.  I looked at Bob’s shot of El Pico, The Beak and with that in mind I went out to explore and discover.  Originally, I planned on going to a yard I am familiar, that is overgrown with cacti and many other exotic plants.  I never got there, it became far to interesting along the way.

The process described in that interview went something like this.  You have this idea in your head and then move to accomplish the idea with an open mind and what come out the other side is amazing.

I found what represents “the” Alien Egg to me or where it might have come from. (think the movie Alien)


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Dead End

July 3, 2103 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

My contribution for July 3, 2103 to the Daily Photo Game.

Looking at Bob’s window without a view, I began my process, making a list of words that I perceived from the shot.  Texture, wall, window, 100, monochromatic and several more.

While writing, I was reminded of an adventure out to the Salton Sea that included decaying trailers and the many dried fish on the shoreline.

Picked this shot, since he was looking for his last breath, and no where to go, truly a dead end.


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Watery Response

June 23, 2103 – ©2013 Martin Trailer

My response for June 23, 2014.  Check the whole body of work at Daily Photo Game.

Following Bob Stevens’ shot yesterday of the moving water, sand. foam with the different shades of blue and green made me think -painterly, foam, suds, wave, motion, mystery, unknown, colors of blue and green, water.

Using my descriptive words of Bob’s image, I stretched myself and made todays response.


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